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Human Capital

ANOVO builds high-performing organizations through the optimization of human capital talent. Our set of human capital services has helped commercial and government organizations design their workforces to fulfill their strategies and operational requirements.

ANOVO uniquely combines human capital management and operations management experiences to meet our customer’s objectives. This combination of experience results in the most effective human capital processes that align to an organization’s strategy and achieve dramatic performance improvement.

Using ANOVO’s repeatable methodologies, we apply analytical research and expertise to essential human capital areas that provide the greatest impact to improve human capital performance, accelerate change and transform organizations. 

  • We develop integrated human capital strategies that provide a competitive business advantage
  • We deploy proven change management processes and organizational design methods that allow management to achieve breakthrough results quickly
  • We provide custom leadership coaching to direct a workforce to accomplish new operational goals
  • We design processes to create and improve a workforce capable of accomplishing an organization’s mission

Dramatically Improve Human Capital Performance
ANOVO’S human capital experts have a deep understanding of workforce designs and extensive experience reengineering processes to meet operational challenges. ANOVO human capital solutions are designed for quick and effective performance improvements.


  • Human capital strategy planning
  • Workforce optimization models and planning
  • Succession management actions
  • Leadership development 'best practices'
  • Management competency development models
  • Reengineering and accelerating recruitment processes
  • Retention management