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Business Transformation

With the ever-increasing pace of change and economic uncertainty, an organization’s ability to continually adapt and transform itself is a critical strategic capability. At ANOVO, we have the experience and methods to develop this strategic capability and transform organizations to achieve dramatic, sustainable results.

Business transformation extends to the entire organization – its leaders, employees, processes, and technologies. Through ANOVO transformation methods, we coach executives in confronting reality and communicating change effectively with all levels of the organization, focusing priorities to those actions that will lead to breakthrough results, and aligning management teams to gain agreement and commitment on essential initiatives for performance improvement.

Transforming organizations

At ANOVO, we achieve results by designing solutions within an incremental plan of continuous improvement, or through a major transformative strategy where an organization needs to alter its ways of doing business significantly. Both situations require extensive knowledge and expertise in organizational design and change management.

ANOVO transformation and performance optimization services are integrated with our human capital capabilities to accomplish impressive results that can be maintained over the long term.


  • Accelerated organizational transformation
  • Strategy clarification and implementation
  • Shared services operational models
  • Leadership transition training and coaching
  • Management team strategy alignment
  • Workforce mobilization methods
  • Workforce assessment surveys and associated improvement actions